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The Mayowood Stone Barn

Then & Now

The original expansion of the property was initiated by Dr. Charles H. Mayo (a.k.a. Dr. Charlie) in the early 1900's. The historic grounds are a parcel of the 3,000 acres of the original Mayowood Farm.


The grounds at the Mayowood Stone Barn were a menagerie of types. Dr. Charlie balanced his compassion for his patients with his great interest and attention to animals.  Aside from horses and cows, this place was home to rare Japanese deer, buffalo, elk and birds.


There was also a dairy barn on the south side of the barn between the still-existing stone "Milk House" and the cement silo.

The Mayowood Stone Barn we use for events today was designed by Charles William Mayo (Dr. Chuck) and his wife Alice Mayo. They based the stunning design off of European equestrian-style barns.


The stables housed ponies and thoroughbred horses which the generations of Mayo family rode throughout the farm. Aerial views to this day show the oval imprint of the many laps made around the track behind the barn.


The Mayos hosted carnivals and barn dances on the property, leaving some evidence in the form of painted games on the floors. They also occasionally allowed weddings on site.


The Mayowood Stone Barn and the surrounding property was purchased from the Mayo family by a private group in 2007. It is now a privately owned residence and rental venue to continue the upkeep and enjoyment of the property.


Powers Ventures took over operations at Mayowood Stone Barn in January 2016.

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