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A Place to Make Your Own

Many people will admire different things about the Mayowood Stone Barn.  Perhaps it is the beautiful stone arches or the amazing giant bur oaks stretching over the grounds.  They may enjoy perusing the property, imagining Dr. Charlie Mayo and his family riding horses on the racetrack, or the crews he gave work to during the Great Depression creating the dragontooth stone walls surrounding the farm.  Mostly, the most amazing thing about this place is the feeling of togetherness that occurs inside and out of these century-old stone walls.


From the perspective of the people who are here day in and day out, the magic of the Mayowood Stone Barn is in its versatility.  The true beauty isn't just the architecture or history, it is what happens each time a couple makes it their own.  Different styles, budgets, families, hometowns, and group sizes all seem to feel at home here.  We welcome the many ways they transform this space to convey the message of who they are.


We invite you to view the beautiful Mayowood Stone Barn and see for yourself.

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Fall Fundraiser
Special Events
Special Events

If you are looking for a historic and unique location for your event, you have found the right place.  

Pinnacle Catering
Catering & Bar
Catering & Bar

Exclusive catering and bar through Pinnacle Catering ensures you will have a cohesive team behind your events, and the ability to find the flavors, menu and pricing you desire.

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